Does Fred Meyer Accept Google Pay?


The American hypermarket chain of superstores, Fred Meyer, has become a choice destination for people who want to get groceries at unique discounts. It has enjoyed growing patronage and with the advent of Google Pay and other contactless payment methods, one would expect that the store will adopt the use of these payment methods. In this article, we’d be discussing Fred Meyer and its acceptance of Google Pay as a payment method.

Does Fred Meyer Accept Google Pay?

Fred Meyer does not accept Google Pay. Contrary to many opinions, Fred Meyer has categorically stated that they do not accept Google Pay and have no plans of incorporating it into their list of payment methods. Contactless payment is not a possibility at Fred Meyer and the hypermarket superstore does not accept other forms of this payment style including Samsung Pay and Apple Pay. 

Customers at Fred Meyer have to make do with the other payment methods available at the store to make payments. I am optimistic that before long contactless payment will be accepted at Fred Meyer but till then, we can only make do with what the store is offering. The next section provides a list of the payment methods accepted at Fred Meyer.

What Payment Methods Does Fred Meyer Accept?

The following are the Fred Meyer payment options currently accepted at their stores:

  1. Kroger Pay on the Kroger Pay Mobile App
  2. Credit cards by VISA, MasterCard, Discover, AMEX, and other popular US-based card issuers
  3. Fred Meyer gift cards
  4. SNAP EBT cards
  5. Local personal checks
  6. Fred Meyer Rewards World MasterCard
  7. Cash
  8. Bottle return vouchers
  9. Prepaid cards

Note that: the Bottle return vouchers listed above as one of the Fred Meyer payment options is only available at its stores located in Oregon. You can only use Bottle return vouchers when you are shopping in any Fred Meyer stores located in Oregon.

Why Does Fred Meyer not Accept Google Pay and other Contactless Payment Methods?

Even though Google Pay and other contactless payments such as Samsung Pay and Apple Pay are growing in popularity, Fred Meyer and a handful of other stores across the world are yet to embrace this technological innovation. For Fred Meyer, it is my opinion that they’ve decided not to accept Google Pay because of the following reasons:

Security Concerns 

Fred Meyer may be hesitant to accept mobile payments due to concerns about security. While Google Pay and other digital wallets are generally secure, some stores may prefer to stick with traditional payment methods. It is better to stick with what works than try something new. Although this concept is anti-change, it is a possible reason.

Lack of Neccessary Technologies 

Google Pay (and other digital wallets like it) relies on near field communication (NFC) technology, which requires a compatible point-of-sale terminal. If a store does not have this technology, it cannot accept Google Pay. Fred Meyer may not consider the investment into NFC technology as something worth it and would prefer to have its customers stick to the conventional ways of making payments.

Preferred Payment Method already in Place

Usually, a store will not be willing to take any other form of payment method because they are affiliated to a particular payment processor or have a preferred payment method in place. For Fred Meyer, the Kroger Pay is a seeming direct alternative to Google Pay and because the store is looking to make it a popular payment method, they’d rather stick to using it than introducing Google Pay to their customers.

What is Kroger Pay? Is it Safe?

Kroger Pay is a contactless payment mobile application that allows shoppers at to pay at participating companies affiliated with Kroger. The mobile application creates a QR code for every time a user need to make payments and the QR code ensures a secure transmission of payments from the app during checkout. It is a safe and secure payment method. Since its establishment, there has been no record of fault by users. However, the app can only be used to make payments at Kroger Family of Companies.

What is the Preferred Way to Pay at Fred Meyer?

The best way to pay at Fred Meyer will be through the use of Kroger Pay. However, there are a handful of other payment methods which I’d recommend. They include:

  1. Cash
  2. Credit cards and debit cards from American Express, Discover, MasterCard, and VISA
  3. SNAP EBT cards
  4. Fred Meyer gift cards
  5. Fred Meyer Rewards World MasterCard

These are some of the reliable means of making payments at Fred Meyer. You can try any of the Fred Meyer payment options listed under what payment methods does Fred Meyer accepts but the ones listed above are my preferred options when it comes to safe and secure payment methods.


Does Fred Meyer take Tap to Pay?

No. Fred Meyer does not accept the popular tap to pay methods of payment like Google Pay, Samsung Pay, and Apple Pay. The only accepted contactless payment at Fred Meyer is the Kroger-owned Kroger Pay which is operated via the Kroger Pay app.

Can I Use Google Pay to make Payments at Fred Meyer?

No. Google Pay is not accepted at Fred Meyer stores. The store prefers to use the Kroger Pay, cash, SNAP EBT cards, gift cards by Fred Meyer, the Fred Meyer Rewards World MasterCard, and credit/debit cards from VISA, MasterCard, AMEX, Discover etc.

Can I add my Fred Meyer rewards card to Google Pay for use in store?

First, you cannot use Google Pay at Fred Meyer and the Fred Meyer rewards card cannot be transferred. You can only use the rewards with the Fred Meyer Rewards World card which is provided by MasterCard.

Does Fred Meyer accept Samsung Pay?

Fred Meyer does not accept Samsung Pay. The store is yet to begin accepting contactless payment methods and at the moment, Samsung Pay, Apple Pay, and Google Pay are not accepted at Fred Meyer’s. If you must use contactless payments at Fred Meyer’s, you should use the Kroger Pay app.


Fred Meyer does not accept Google Pay and other forms of contactless payments. It is clear from the available payment methods and the preferred Kroger Pay app that Google Pay may never be listed as a payment method at Fred Meyer. Like I advised earlier, if you need to pay when you shop at Fred Meyer’s, then you’d have to make do with credit cards, debit cards, the Kroger Pay app, gift cards by Fred Meyer, the Fred Meyer Rewards World MasterCard, cash, personal checks, and SNAP EBT Cards.

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