Does Kroger Accept Samsung Pay?

Does Kroger accept Samsung Pay? 

As a loyal Kroger shopper, I have often found myself wondering if I can use my Samsung Pay app to pay for my purchases at Kroger. It can be frustrating to have to constantly switch between different payment methods, especially if you’re in a rush. 

In this post, we will provide all the information you need to know about using Samsung Pay at Kroger, including any potential restrictions or limitations. Whether you’re a regular Kroger shopper or just looking for a convenient way to pay for your groceries, this post has you covered.

Does Kroger accept Samsung Pay

Does Kroger accept Samsung Pay?

Yes, Kroger accepts Samsung Pay only at its QFC stores. Kroger has launched its own mobile payment app known as Kroger pay which is the accepted contactless payment option at Kroger. However, QFC customers are allowed to use Samsung Pay, Fitbit pay, banking apps as well as contactless chip cards.

If you do not have access to Samsung pay or any of the above above-listed methods, Kroger has provided other payment options which I’d show you as we proceed. How to use Samsung pay at QFC stores will also be discussed.

What Payment Methods Does Kroger Accept?

Other payment options available at Kroger include:

  • Cash
  • Credit card
  • Debit card
  • WIC
  • Kroger Pay
  • Kroger gift cards
  • Scan, Bag, and Go.

How to use Samsung Pay on Kroger

You can use the Samsung pay app at Kroger QFC stores. To do this:

  • Open Samsung Pay on your phone.
  • Click the Pay tab, and select your preferred card. 
  • Click Pay again, and then select your desired security option. (PIN or fingerprints).
  • Enter the required information or place your finger on your phone’s fingerprint scanner.
  • Next, hold the back of the phone over the contactless reader to complete your purchase.

Does Kroger accept Afterpay?

Yes, Kroger accepts the use of Afterpay. Once you have the app downloaded and set up on your phone, you can use the Afterpay financing.

Does Kroger accept PayPal?

Yes, PayPal is accepted for making payments at Kroger. This mobile payment can be used in the mortar and brick store, online, or through the Kroger app.

Download and set up the app on your phone, and link your Kroger app to PayPal to make payment from your PayPal account. For in-store payment, scan the QR code at the register or the self-checkout counter. Additionally, if you want to make online or in-app purchases, use the PayPal key for payment.

What credit card does Kroger accept?

All major credit cards including MasterCard, Visa, and American Express are available to credit cards you can use at Kroger.

Does Kroger accept Apple Pay?

Kroger does not accept Apple pay. Enthusiasts of Apple Pay who might want to use this app at Kroger cannot as this payment method is not available at Kroger. However, Apple pay can be used at Kroger QFC stores.

Does Kroger take Android Pay?

Google pay is not accepted at Kroger stores. The store has launched its contactless payment method “The Kroger app” which customers at the store can use to make payments. Just like the use of Samsung Pay in QFC stores, Google pay is also accepted there.

Kroger Pay

Kroger on the 13th of February, 2019 launched its contactless payment app. Customers who wish to use contactless payment service at Kroger can simply download the Kroger pay app which is quite easy to use plus there are several benefits attached to using the Kroger pay app like the fuel point program. This program allows you to save anywhere from 10 cents off per gallon up to $1 off per gallon whenever you get gas. However, You must have a Shopper’s Card to participate and earn points.


Does Kroger accept checks?

Personal checks are not accepted at Kroger money service or checkout as well as third-party checks. However, you can cash your government checks, insurance checks, payroll checks, and printed checks at Kroger.

Does Kroger accept mobile pay?

Yes, Kroger accepts Mobile pay. The Kroger pay app allows you to make payments via your mobile phone and also enjoy several benefits from using the mobile app.

Does Kroger accept touchless pay?

Yes, Kroger accepts touchless pay. The scan, bag, go app is one contactless payment accepted at Kroger which allows customers to easily scan their items and make payments using the Kroger pay app. You can also use Samsung pay, Google pay, and Apple Pay at QFC stores.

Can I use NFC at Kroger?

Yes, you can use NFC at Kroger’s QFC stores as the American retail company has enabled  NFC at about 61 QFC stores.

Can you scan and pay with the Kroger app?

Sure you can scan and pay with the Kroger app. When you scan the pin-protected QR code at checkout, the app scans the user’s Shopper’s Card, digital coupons, and preferred credit or debit card. This makes payment easy and stress-free.

Can you manually enter a card at Kroger?

You can enter a card manually at Kroger. For instance, an EBT cardholder can enter the card manually which will require you to provide the 16-digit EBT card number, the expiration date of the card, and also the 3-digit security code at the back of the card. You will also enter your pin to complete the transaction.

Final take on Does Kroger accept Samsung Pay

Though Kroger does not directly accept Samsung pay, customers of the QFC stores are allowed to make use of the payment method. For contactless payment at Kroger, shoppers can download the Kroger pay app which makes payment easy at the checkout. You could also decide to make do with any other payment method listed in this article aside from Samsung Pay and Kroger Pay. Only make sure they are used correctly at Kroger.

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