Does Macy’s Accept Samsung Pay?

Macy’s is one of the top retail companies in the world today. With more than a century of history, Macy’s has become a colossus for jewelry, shoes, clothing for men and women, furniture, and much more. Although the company seems to struggle, it remains a go-to brand for quality products. If you are one of the shoppers at Macy’s, this article explains whether Samsung Pay is one of the payment methods at Macy’s. 


Does Macy’s Accept Samsung Pay?

Yes. Macy’s accepts Samsung Pay. Once you have set up your credit and debit card in your Samsung Pay account, you can use it to pay when you shop at Macy’s in-store, on the Macy’s app, and via their website. However, there are certain limitations when you use Samsung Pay at Macy’s

Samsung Pay is a budding payment method and there are not so many stores that allow their customers to use it. The ones that do, like Macy’s, exhibit certain bottlenecked challenges. Users miss out on a lot of privileges and experience so many error messages in an effort to use Samsung Pay while shopping at Macy’s. 

If you plan on using Samsung Pay while shopping at Macy’s, I have highlighted some problems you may face doing so. 

Problems with using Samsung Pay at Macy’s

Error Messages

Incorrect merchant URL is one of the most prevalent error messages you’d get when you shop at Macy’s. There’s no known fix for this error message. It is difficult to even decide where they error comes from: Macy’s or Samsung Pay. 

No Access to Macy’s Wallet

The Macy’s Wallet feature helps customers buy stuff from the company faster and easier. If you are going to use Samsung Pay, you won’t be able to use the Macy’s Wallet option. The wallet lets you add a credit card and make payment easily from the Macy’s app, online and in-store. 

Tuxedo Rentals

You cannot pay for Tuxedo rentals with Samsung Pay at Macy’s. I was surprised when I found out but that’s one exclusion that comes with contactless payments at Macy’s, including Apple Pay

Registry Purchases 

Wedding registry purchases can not be paid for using Samsung Pay. You’d have to rely on other payment methods at the store to make payments for registry purchases. And that brings us to the other payment methods accepted at Macy’s. 

What Payment Methods are Accepted at Macy’s?

The list below contains the Macy’s payment methods you can use either on, Macy’s store, or the Macy’s App:

  1. Macy’s card
  2. Macy’s American Express Card
  3. VISA
  4. MasterCard
  5. Discover 
  6. American Express (AMEX)
  7. PayPal
  8. Macy’s Gift Card and e-Gift cards
  9. Gift cards from VISA, MasterCard, and AMEX
  10. Apple Pay
  11. Google Pay

Using Apple Pay and Google Pay at Macy’s is like Samsung Pay. The exclusions that apply to Samsung Pay also apply to Google Pay and Apple Pay. However, users of Apple Pay and Google Pay rarely experience errors as much as Samsung Pay. 


Does Macy’s Accept Google Pay in Store?

Yes. You can use Google Pay to make payment for purchases in Macy’s stores. You can also use Google Pay on the Macy’s app and any supported Android device. However, you cannot access Macy’s rewards cards, Macy’s Wallet, make registry purchases, and tuxedo rentals with Google Pay. 

Does Macy’s Accept Visa Gift Cards?

Yes. Macy’s allows the use of Visa gift cards for purchases on the Macy’s app,, and stores in the United States. Aside from Visa gift cards, shoppers can also use Mastercard and AMEX gift cards to make purchases at Macy’s. 

Does Macy’s Accept PayPal Online?

PayPal is accepted at Macy’s. You can use your PayPal or the PayPal debit card to make payments at Macy’s stores, the Macy’s App, and 

Does Macy’s Accept Debit Cards Online?

Yes. Macy’s allows shoppers to pay for their orders using a variety of debit cards including its Macy’s card, the Macy’s American Express card, debit cards from Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and PayPal. 

Is Macy’s Credit Card Visa or MasterCard?

No. The Macy’s credit card is not produced by Visa or MasterCard. Macy’s credit card is produced by American Express. Macy’s has a partnership with American Express and the card production company provides it with payment processing services. You can use the Macy’s American Express card or the American Express credit card to pay at Macy’s. 

Where can I use my Macy’s Credit Card?

You can only use the Macy’s credit card to shop and pay at Macy’s stores. The credit card cannot be used to withdraw cash or make payments on other stores or ecommerce platforms. You can use the Macy’s credit card on the Macy’s app,, and any Macy’s properties. 

Does Macy’s Accept Afterpay and Klarna?

Macy’s announced they now accept Klarna, giving shoppers the leverage to buy and split the payment into 4 interest-free payments. It is uncertain whether they accept Afterpay too but you can use Klarna to shop on Macy’s. 


Samsung Pay is accepted at Samsung Pay but there are many hitches to using it. From error messages to certain exclusions, using Samsung Pay at Macy’s can be an uphill task. You can try other payment methods accepted such as the Macy’s credit card, Macy’s American Express credit card, Apple Pay, Google Pay, VISA, MasterCard, AMEX, Macy’s gift card, and eGift cards. 

If you have not set up your Samsung Pay, click the link below to learn how. 

How to Set Up Samsung Pay

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