Does Safeway Accept Google Pay? [UPDATED 2023]


Contactless payments are becoming popular every day. Shoppers are rapidly embracing the use of contactless payments because of the ease and convenience they provide. If you are a shopper at Safeway and would like to know whether the store accepts Google Pay as a payment method, this article will provide clarity and a thorough breakdown of other important details.

Does Safeway Accept Google Pay?

Yes. Safeway accepts Google Pay. Customers at Safeway stores can use Google Pay to make payments after buying groceries at any of Safeway’s stores. Aside from Google Pay, Safeway also accepts Apple Pay and other credit and debit cards.

The ease that comes with contactless payment is cool but not knowing how to use it can make it inefficient. If you’re shopping at Safeway and would want to use your Google Pay account to make payments for your orders, I have provided a guide on how to do so. Before we go into how to pay with Google Pay at Safeway, read my article on how to set up contactless payment.

How to Pay with Google Pay at Safeway

If you have created a Google Pay account and added your debit or credit card, here’s how to pay with Google Pay at Safeway:

  1. After picking up your order, head to the counter and have the cashier prepare the payment reader
  2. Next, wake up and unlock your phone
  3. Bring your phone close to the payment reader and hold it an inch away from the reader
  4. You will see a blue checkmark after the payment is complete
  5. If it doesn’t work, hold your phone in a different position or bring it closer to the payment reader

It is possible to have your payment declined. Some of the reasons why this may happen could be because the store does not accept mobile payments or there’s an issue with your bank. You can check with the Safeway store to ensure they accept Google Pay or contactless payments. Also, confirm if there are no network issues with your bank.

About Safeway 

Safeway is a major grocery store in the United States that was founded in 1915 by M.B. Skaggs. The idea behind the establishment of Safeway was to give customers at the time enough value and maintain a narrow profit margin for expansion. Then it was called Skaggs stores and nine years after, the stores had grown to over 400 stores with a presence in ten (10) states. In 1928, M.B. Skaggs listed the store on the New York Stock Exchange as Safeway and it has grown to 912 stores in 35 states of the United States.

Today, Safeway operates as a banner of one of the US largest food and drug retailers, Albertsons. The store now has a strong local presence and nationwide coverage. They engage in a lot of charity and support for local brands in the United States, garnering a massive number of customers across various age groups and family grades. Safeway provides top-quality products in a variety of categories including seafood, beverages, frozen foods, breakfast & cereals, wine, spirits, & beer, pet care, personal care & health, and much more.

Safeway Payment Methods

Aside from Google Pay, Safeway has a range of payment methods that are available to customers in their store and that shopping via the Safeway mobile app. They include:

  1. VISA
  2. MasterCard
  3. Discover
  4. American Express
  6. Apple Pay
  7. Samsung Pay

Any bank issued-credit/debit card is accepted by Safeway. For the Safeway contactless payment methods, shoppers can pay using Google Pay, Samsung Pay, and Apple Pay. I often prefer the Safeway contactless payment method when shopping at Safeway. First, because of the convenience they offer and secondly, because I do not need to start inputting my PINs or carrying a bunch of debit or credit cards while shopping.

Can You Use Your Phone to Pay at Safeway?

Yes. You can use your phone to pay at Safeway. Through the Safeway scan and pay initiative, you can make payments at Safeway stores with your phone. The Safeway contactless payment methods that make this possible include Google Pay, Samsung Pay, and Apple Pay. For Google Pay and Apple Pay, your phone must be NFC-enabled. If your phone does not have the NFC feature, you can use Samsung Pay to make payments at Safeway.

Why is my Google Pay not Working at Safeway?

A lot of users experience certain problems when using Google Pay at Safeway. If you’ve tried to use Google Pay to make payments at Safeway and it failed, the following are a couple of reasons why:

You do not have enough funds

Chances are that the cards on your Google Pay do not have sufficient funds to process the order. You’d need to check your bank account balance and confirm that it is enough to pay for the order. If you discover there’s enough to pay for your order, check the next troubleshooting point.

You’re not placing your phone in the right way

Your phone has to be placed over the payment reader in the right way for your payment to be processed. Try bringing your phone close to the payment reader and holding it for a few seconds. At least, let there be a distance of an inch or less between your phone and the payment reader. You might also need to remove your phone’s pouch as it may be blocking the NFC antenna.

Your phone is not NFC-enabled

Near-field communication (NFC) is the feature that makes contactless payments in Google Pay possible. If your phone does not have the NFC feature, you won’t be able to make use of Google Pay. Check your phone’s settings to verify if you have near-field communication settings. If you do, ensure it is turned on and try paying again. I have written a post that shows how to use Google Pay even if your phone is not NFC-enabled. Check it out here.


What Payment Methods does Safeway Accept?

If you want to pay for groceries at Safeway, the following are payment methods accepted at Safeway:

  1. Credit and debit cards from VISA, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express
  3. Contactless payments such as Apple Pay and Samsung Pay
  4. Cash

Can I Pay with PayPal at Safeway?

Yes. You can pay for your groceries at Safeway using PayPal. However, you must have the PayPal debit card and use it for card payment. Ensure that the PayPal debit card is connected to a PayPal account and there is sufficient funds in the account.

Do Grocery Stores take Google Pay?

Yes. There are groceries stores in the United States that accept Google Pay as a payment method. However, not every grocery store in the United States has adopted this payment functionality. Check with your grocery store to be sure they accept payments using Google Pay.

Final Thoughts on Does Safeway Accept Google Pay?

Making contactless payments at Safeway stores is guaranteed. If you have a Google Pay account, you can shop and pay with it at any of Safeway’s stores in the country. There are other payment methods you can use at Safeway if Google Pay doesn’t favor you.

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