How to Fix Instagram Video Not Uploading

Instagram is a popular social media app that lets you share photos and short videos with your followers. It can be really frustrating when your video won’t upload for unknown reasons. There are several possible causes for this problem, such as a weak network connection, bugs in the app, or issues with your device or video file.

Here are six effective fixes to help you get your videos uploaded and shareable with your eager audience:

1. Check Your Network Connection

The first thing to do is make sure your phone has a good internet connection. Without a stable Wi-Fi or cellular connection, your videos won’t upload. Try turning Airplane Mode on and off to reset the network, then try uploading again. Also, double-check that you’re connected to the right Wi-Fi network or that your mobile data is turned on.

2. Restart Instagram

A simple solution is to close the Instagram app and reopen it before trying to upload again. Make sure you completely exit the app and then open it again.

3. Clear Instagram Cache on Android

If you’re using Instagram on an Android device, clearing the app’s cache can improve performance and fix any potential issues with the app’s data. Here’s how you can do it:

  • Open Settings > Apps.
  • Select Instagram from the list.
  • Tap on Storage and then tap Clear Cache.

For iOS users, you can only clear the cache by reinstalling the app.

4. Disable Data Saver Mode

Data Saver Mode limits video loading when using cellular data, which might interfere with your video uploads. To turn it off:

  • Open Instagram, tap your profile, and then tap the Menu button (usually in the top right corner).
  • Choose Settings and Privacy.
  • Look for Data and select Data Usage and Media Quality.
  • Toggle off the Use Less Data option.

5. Disable High-Quality Video Uploads

Uploading videos in high quality can take longer, especially on slower connections, and may even lead to failed uploads. To fix this:

  • Open Instagram, tap the menu button, and select Settings and Privacy.
  • Search for Data and select Data Usage and Media Quality.
  • Turn off the Upload at Highest Quality option.

6. Upgrade Instagram App

Regularly updating your Instagram app is important to get access to new features, security fixes, and overall improvements. An outdated app version can sometimes cause issues with video uploads.

  • For Android users, update your apps through the Play Store.
  • For iOS users, update your apps through the App Store.

In conclusion, if you’re struggling to upload videos to Instagram, follow these steps. Remember, Instagram has many features, and knowing how to fix common problems will make your experience on the platform much smoother.

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