How to Listen to Songs Together Online Over Long Distances

Hey music enthusiasts! Do you miss jamming out with your friends to your favorite tunes, but they’re far away? No worries! We’ve got you covered with some fantastic apps that let you enjoy music together, regardless of the distance. Let’s dive into these cool options.

  1. Spotify – The Ultimate Groove Companion

If you’re a music lover, chances are you’re already using Spotify. It’s a popular choice, especially for group listening. With Spotify’s Group Sessions feature, you and up to six friends can groove together. Just keep in mind, everyone needs a Spotify Premium account, and you’ll be using your phone or tablet.

Here’s how to start a Group Session:

  • Play a song.
  • Tap the Device button at the bottom left.
  • Click Start Session.
  • Invite your friends using a link or special code.
  • Enjoy the music together!
  1. Apple SharePlay – FaceTime and Beats

If you’re all about that Apple vibe, SharePlay in iOS 15 is your go-to tool. Whether you’re subscribed to Apple Music or Spotify, you can share your favorite jams during a FaceTime call. For Spotify users, it’s essentially like a Spotify Group Session. You can even have movie nights with your friends through this feature.

  1. EarBuds – Collaborate and Groove

EarBuds is all about creating and sharing playlists on Apple Music or Spotify Premium with your crew. You can join public or private groups based on your sharing preference. Share your tracks in group chats, and they’ll automatically be added to a fresh playlist. You can even give each playlist a unique name to showcase your musical style. Simply share a link, and everyone’s on board!

  1. we:fm – Sync Your Beats

we:fm lets you groove in sync with your pals using Spotify Premium. After linking your music streaming account, connect with your Facebook friends on we: FM. From there, you can broadcast music, chat about your favorite tunes, or even share songs for later. Worried about your guilty pleasure tunes? No problem – turn on private mode and groove without prying ears.


  1. Quorus – Collaborative Beats

Quorus brings you and your buddies together for some collaborative DJ-ing fun. Start a live session, stream your favorite tracks, and invite friends to join the groove. Decide who gets to add songs to the playlist and even set a password or keep it private. It’s not just about music; you might even make some new friends along the way.



So, fellow music lovers, don’t let distance get in the way of enjoying tunes with your pals. These awesome apps make it a breeze for you and your friends to listen to music together, no matter where you are. Whether you choose Spotify’s Group Sessions, Apple SharePlay, EarBuds for playlists, we:fm for synced music, or Quorus for DJing fun, there’s a way for you to enjoy music together, even when you’re far apart. Happy grooving!

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