How to Subscribe to Twitter Blue and Get the Blue Badge

Recently, there has been a buzz in the Twitterverse about the removal of blue checkmarks from verified legacy accounts. But fret not! Twitter has introduced a new service called Twitter Blue, which allows users to acquire the coveted Blue Badge next to their usernames through a paid subscription. This article will guide you through the process of subscribing to Twitter Blue and accessing the benefits of the Blue Badge, despite the changes in Twitter’s verification system.

Subscribing to Twitter Blue and Getting the Blue Badge

If you have an existing Twitter account, follow these steps using the mobile app version:

  1. Open your Twitter account on the Twitter app.
  2. Find the menu on the right and tap on the Twitter Blue Icon.
  3. Choose between the Monthly or Annual subscription options.
  4. Tap the price button. The displayed price will depend on your chosen subscription period. If you picked 1 month, tap on the $8.0/month button. If you went for the annual subscription, tap on the $114.99/year button.
  5. Enter your payment details and click the Subscribe Button.

Please note that the Blue Badge, also known as the blue checkmark, may not immediately appear on your account after subscribing to Twitter Blue. This delay is because Twitter conducts a thorough review to ensure your account meets the necessary verification criteria.

Pro Tips

If you subscribe to Twitter Blue through the Twitter app on iOS or Android, it will cost $11 per month instead of the standard $8 monthly fee. This extra cost is due to fees imposed by Apple and Google. To get the more affordable price, it’s recommended to sign up for Twitter Blue via a desktop.

If you decide to cancel your monthly subscription, you can do so at any time through the Twitter Blue portal. For users on an annual plan, remember to turn off the auto-renewal feature to avoid being charged for an additional 12 months after the initial subscription period. This way, you can effectively manage your Twitter Blue subscription.

Is Twitter Blue Worth It?

Deciding if Twitter Blue is worth the $8.00 monthly fee depends on how much you use Twitter and how important the new features are to you. If you spend a lot of time on Twitter and would find value in features like undoing tweets, verification badges, and bookmark folders, then it could be a worthwhile investment.

However, if you’re an occasional user who doesn’t spend much time on Twitter, the additional features might not be worth the cost. Ultimately, the decision of whether Twitter Blue is worth it is up to you.

In conclusion

Twitter Blue offers an opportunity to get verified and enjoy some extra features. By following these steps and considering the pro tips, you can make an informed decision about whether Twitter Blue is right for you. Happy tweeting!

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