Is Blushmark Legit? Should You Order from Blushmark?


With the need to remain trendy and fashionable, ladies are heads up for good fashionable clothes. Most ladies want to stay fashionable but not everyone has so much money to spend on just clothing. This keeps the question in mind, where do I get fashionable clothes at an affordable price? Well, you can get your wears on Blushmark, but is Blushmark legit? I’ll be answering that question in this article.

Is Blushmark legit?

Blushmark is a legit store. The company provides a unique collection of trendy and fashionable girls’ clothing. If you are looking to improve your wardrobe as a lady then you should shop at Blushmark. The company identifies and highlights shipping specifications and payment methods which gives the idea they are legit. 

The online company provides fashionable clothing at affordable prices. If you’re looking to know more about Blushmark, then this article is your best bet as I’ll be taking you through the company’s review, what they do, and lots more. Stick around to find out more.

What is Blushmark about?

Blushmark is about fashion. Yea, they provide fashionable women’s clothing items. The company prides itself as a young leading fashion and lifestyle brand providing hot and classic clothes that fit any wardrobe. I guess that made you jiggle with joy. 

But before we get carried away with the fashion home and the beautiful items on display, let me stress that this store is an online fashion site solely for women, which means you get to place your order and wait to get it delivered to you. You know how these things work.

They display an array of women’s clothing items and styles. Their products come in different colors, and sizes and they’re quality clothes yet affordable. Whatever you’re looking for as long as it is within the listed category of items available at the store, you sure will get it. Their available product falls under these categories:

  • Dresses
  • Jumpsuit and rompers
  • Accessories
  • Tops
  • New
  • Bestseller
  • Bottoms

Here you have a wide collection to choose from, ranging from color to style, size, preference, etc. making your shopping experience even more exciting just from the comfort of your home.

Where is Blushmark located?

The fashion company is located in Los Angeles, California 90071, US, with a company size of 51-200 employees. To access this company, download the Blushmark app which allows you to see their various items on display, and then place your order. You can also follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Who is the owner of Blushmark?

Ranu Coleman is a marketing and communication leader with gross retail and fashion experience. She serves as the chief marketing director (CMO) of Blushmark. She’s married with two children and lives in San Francisco Bay Area.

Blushmark Reviews

The retail/fashion company has a good number of patronages. Since the company is over a year old it has a lot of reviews. Most customers have shown their satisfaction with the company’s service. According to Blush Mark Reviews by TrustPilot, 58% of 814 customers gave the company 5 stars, this statistic is above average and puts the company in a good spot. However, they’re also negative comments, as a result of late delivery, poor customer service, improper delivery, etc. technically, it is not uncommon for e-stores to have both positive and negative comments and blushmark is no exception. However, when negative comments exceed positive comments then you might want to reconsider buying at the store. Well, this is not the case with blushmark as it has a lot of positive comments.

Below is a statistical breakdown of the company’s review according to

Out of 814 in total:

  • 58% gave the company 5-star
  • 11% gave the company 4-star
  • 5% gave the company 3-star
  • 5% gave the company 2-star
  • 21% gave the company 1-star

How long does blushmark take to ship?

Once an order is placed, confirmation of the order will be made within 30 minutes. Processing takes about 4-11 days which will depending on the item ordered, and once your order is processed and packed, it will take another 4-10 business days to be shipped from the company’s warehouse to their domestic fulfillment center. Order in transit then takes 2-8 business days to reach the buyer’s shipping address.

You can either opt for free standard shipping, standard shipping, or express shipping, all of which comes with different price tag depending on the shipping method and your location.

How long does blushmark take to refund money?

A refund would normally take 7 business days based on the information on the Blushmark website. However, your bank might require additional time to get your fund back into your account which ultimately will add to the number of days for the refund of your money. You’ll get an email with a confirmation for your records once your refund is processed.

Can I cancel a Bluskmark order?

Once an order is placed, you cannot make changes, remove or add an item to it. Orders are confirmed within 30 minutes and once confirmation is made, you’ll have to place a separate order if you want to add an item or wait to get the item ordered delivered to you and then process a return if you ordered the wrong item. However, you can try using your Blushmark account to process the cancellation of an order.

How do you cancel an order?

  • Login to your Blush Mark account and locate the order you would like to cancel under “My Orders”. Select “Order Details”
  • Under the order, click on the “Cancel Order” button and follow the prompts for the cancellation reason and preferred refund method (original method or wallet funds).
  • You will receive an immediate notification informing you of your successful cancellation and the Order Status will update to “closed”
  • The processing of your refund could take up to 7 days, depending on the choice of refund method you made. Blushmark will give you a confirmation after your refund has been handled satisfactorily for your records.

Note: If you don’t see the option to cancel your order within your account, it means your order has already been confirmed and it cannot be canceled for any reason.

How do I contact blushmark?

You can contact the company via its website any time of the day. You can also live chat with them from Monday to Friday, 8am and 5pm PST. Additionally, you can click the “Get Help” or “Support” button on the lower right side of their website if you want help getting answers to a question. Type your question and the system will provide an answer to your question. If not satisfied, then contact them via email. You’ll get a response within two working days from the time of sending your email.


Finding a great fashion store with quality, style, and class but at an affordable price is a great catch. Blushmark is a women’s fashion store committed to helping women look chick, however, customers don’t have to break the bank to look classic. This they do by providing quality women’s clothing items at affordable prices. But the question is blushmark legit still bothers many. Well, the answer is yes, blushmark is legit. This article has covered all you need to know about Blushmark, its legitimacy, its owner, and more. Reading through this article gives you concise knowledge of Blushmark. 

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