Ways to Significantly Increase Live Stream Viewers

Live streaming has become a full-time profession for many successful streamers. Platforms like Twitch, with over 9 million active streamers, offer various avenues for earning, including ads, sponsorships, and donations. To maximize earnings, streamers aim to increase both followers and views. This article outlines five proven strategies to help you significantly boost your live stream viewership.

1. Promote Your Live Stream in Advance:

If you’re a live streamer, chances are you already have a presence on social media and a blog. Ensure you promote your live streams before going live. You can build anticipation by sharing what you’ll be discussing or doing. Maintaining a quality mailing list allows you to send out emails announcing your live stream schedule. Be sure to provide specific details about the date and time to attract more viewers.

2. Choose the Right Time to Go Live:

Selecting a time when most of your audience is active can significantly impact your viewer count. Therefore, it’s crucial to identify the optimal time for your live streams. Utilize analytics available on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitch to understand your audience’s behavior. Experiment with different time slots to find the one that works best for you.

3. Encourage Viewers to Share:

Remind your viewers to share your live stream towards the end of your session. Often, viewers might forget to follow or share. A brief reminder prompts them to take this crucial step. Additionally, consider organizing contests with rules that require participants to follow and share your content. This approach expands your audience base and increases views on your live streams.

4. Interact With Your Viewers:

Engaging your audience is essential for retaining existing viewers and attracting new ones. Maintain an ongoing conversation with your viewers during the live stream. Inquire about their day or encourage them to ask questions through the chat box. Monitoring the chat section in real-time allows you to provide timely responses and gather feedback.

5. Stay Consistent:

Establish a regular time and day for your live streams and adhere to it. This sets clear expectations for your audience, ensuring they know when to join you. Communicate your live stream schedule across different channels, including your streaming platforms, blog, and social media pages. Consistency demonstrates your dedication to your craft and conveys that you value your audience.


Implementing these strategies can significantly enhance your live stream viewership. By promoting your streams, choosing the right time, encouraging sharing, interacting with viewers, and maintaining consistency, you’ll create a more engaging and rewarding live streaming experience.

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